The group of Technical people from populous; formed of partnership firm, “Pakistan Chemical Corporation – (PCC)” since 1947 in Karachi. The objective of founding the firm was to become a leading manufacturers and exporter of sodium silicate. PCC works till 1979 and the business shattered due to sad demise. Haji Abdul Ghaffar (late) was one of the partners of Pakistan Chemical Corporation (PCC) with a super technical excels. Afterward, Haji Abdul Ghaffar (late), start his new own business work with his technical capabilities by the name of “Abbo Vali Mohammad – (AVM Enterprise)” in the field of SODIUM SILICATE and also define the definition and uses of sodium silicate as under:

SODIUM SILICATE is the generic name for a series of compounds derived from soluble sodium silicate glasses. They are water solutions of sodium oxide (Na20) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) combined in various ratios. Varying the proportions of SiO2 to Na20 and the solids content results in solutions with differing properties that have many diversified industrial applications.


Textile Mills Sodium Silicate solid uses in the field of the Textile Mills
Soap The Entire Soap Factories have use Maximum Quantity of Sodium Silicate
Papers Every Papers Factory Use Sodium Silicate for the purpose of the paper sticking
Others As per required and configuration of material.